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Config & Service Provisioning : Remote Network Connectivity

     SiMPLuS automation solution for provisioning connectivity to enterprise sites enables fast and scalable delivery of datacenter services set-up. It incorporates complex multi-level, multi-protocol delivery involving third-party network service-provider using network-network-interface (NNI) and customer-specific VPN interface incorporating further granularity using multiple VLAN interfaces for connecting individual customer-sites.

     The policy implementation includes bandwidth, access, security and quality set-up parameters. Due to technical complexity, the tasks require experienced engineers for human process whereas, the automation simplifies the process and brings tremendous speed, scalability and accuracy. It also enables software controlled, zero-touch delivery of enterprise site-connectivity and upgrades based on templatized services.

    Advanced solutions for the next gen networks
  • Carrier-grade NMS/Ops solutions with extensive network O&M capabilities
  • Large deployments in tier-1 service providers and network operators
  • Multi-domain & multi-technology solution with full FCAPS functionalities
  • Real-time operations capabilities for handling large, diverse & complex networks
  • Modular architecture to deliver specific set of functionalities & cross-navigation
  • Structured network information base for correlations & network intelligence
  • User-friendly graphics & UI, dashboards and drill-down capabilities
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