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Config & Service Provisioning : Edge Network

     SiMPLuS Config & Provisioning Automation brings in simplification and automation with high amount of intelligence. The solution has multi-vendor compatible syntax library slashes the need of having high end vendor syntax specialists for configuration and setup of network devices from different vendors. It also helps to negate the possibility of human errors to a significant extent.

     The Solution integrates with CRM, Order Management systems to fetch the customer order details. It automatically fetches the required network level circuit details including customer L2/L3 VPN setup, required bandwidth, security & access policies, QoS setup and generates provisioning configuration templates. Solution interfaces with network devices directly or via EMS and uploads the configuration on a single device or chain of devices. Additionally, roll-back feature is provided in case of any errors with new configuration.

    Advanced solutions for the next gen networks
  • Carrier-grade NMS/Ops solutions with extensive network O&M capabilities
  • Large deployments in tier-1 service providers and network operators
  • Multi-domain & multi-technology solution with full FCAPS functionalities
  • Real-time operations capabilities for handling large, diverse & complex networks
  • Modular architecture to deliver specific set of functionalities & cross-navigation
  • Structured network information base for correlations & network intelligence
  • User-friendly graphics & UI, dashboards and drill-down capabilities
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