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Cross-vendor Circuit Discovery & Inventory Management

     The Multivendor Circuit Discovery Automation solution caters to discovery of optical circuits & services across multiple network zones with each zone having different vendor devices setup. The vendor EMS’stypically do not have effective communication between them to provide E2E optical transport circuit visibility. Thus, a customer circuit going across two different access zones (of Vendor-1 setup) may be going over a backbone network of another vendor (Vendor-2 setup).

     SiMPLuS circuit discovery solution seamlessly interfaces with EMS’s of both vendors as well as periodic EMS data dumps to capture cross-connect data for stitching E2E optical circuits in an automated way. SiMPLuS solution supports both API based interfacing with vendor-EMS as well as EMS-GUIclient based automation using RPA functionality. This cross-vendor circuit discovery brings in visibility across the network with end-to-end stitching of optical services & circuits which is important for network diagnosis, planning and SLA management.

    Advanced solutions for the next gen networks
  • Carrier-grade NMS/Ops solutions with extensive network O&M capabilities
  • Large deployments in tier-1 service providers and network operators
  • Multi-domain & multi-technology solution with full FCAPS functionalities
  • Real-time operations capabilities for handling large, diverse & complex networks
  • Modular architecture to deliver specific set of functionalities & cross-navigation
  • Structured network information base for correlations & network intelligence
  • User-friendly graphics & UI, dashboards and drill-down capabilities
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