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SIMPLUS : Unified Edge Device management

A single platform solution for unified network device management of multiple device-types & vendors for various services- mobility, broadband, enterpriseā€¦

  • Enables automated discovery of multi-vendor edge devices and their service interfaces
  • Provides carrier grade scalability to enable unified management for large networks with diverse set of vendor devices
  • Supports network services such as mobility (3G, LTEā€¦), enterprise (Carrier Ethernet, L2 switches,..) broadband (WiMAX) and optical devices (GPON)

  • Delivers holistic network-wide health, availability and performance stats through user-friendly web portal

  • Renders centralized view of network inventory in terms of used and spare capacity

  • Highlights critical performance summary through dashboards

  • Achieves simplified management of the network and elements along-with reduced hardware footprint

    Advanced solutions for the next gen networks
  • Award winning and Patented
  • First complete solution
  • Powerful control mechanisms
  • Conforming to NextGen
  • Real-time view of network
  • Supports all major vendors
  • Full element management
  • Seamless config management
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