Vegayan Systems


NOC Head of a leading Telecom Service Provider

"SiMPLuS Operations has greatly improved our NOC team’s network management capabilities because of the detailed network information and sophistication in analysis provided which was not available through the previous generic solutions.
SiMPLuS capabilities have enhanced the Operation team's efficiency in network level fault resolution and performance analysis by at least 30%"

Planning Team Head, Telecom Operator

"Vegayan solution simplifies complexity of converged network by mapping customer services and circuits riding over MPLS paths on to IP network topology to simulate events and their impact on performance delivery. Now we can’t think of doing design and analysis without it."
Corporate Profile
    Future ready people, competencies and solutions
  • Talented engineering team and experienced advisors
  • Innovative patented technology providing competitive edge
  • Unique product vision matching current market needs
  • Visibility into Indian and international markets
  • New market segment with explosive growth opportunity
  • Lean cost structure and fast business adaptability
  • Infrastructure facilities and recognition through IIT
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