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Company Profile

Vegayan Systems is a premier provider of advanced networking products and integrated solutions for global communication network customers. Vegayan leads the industry in providing solutions for managing next-generation networks including IP/MPLS core, CEN distribution, Optical GPON/FTTX delivery, Optical transport technologies as well as Enterprise-Edge network.

The Indian market is leading the world with its rapid network growth and its adoption to new technologies since it had very little legacy infrastructure to start with. The rapid growth, operating constraints, unreliable physical infrastructure and technology ramp-up has led to most challenging network environments. Vegayan has successfully delivered on these challenges with large, reputed telecom customer wins.

Next-generation networks bring vastly more power and control to the Network Operations and IT organization. They offer a rich set of capabilities to engineer traffic to maximaize reliability, performance and return on capital. Without richer information and analysis capabilities, service providers & IT organizations won’t be able to reap the benefits of these complex and newer networks. With Vegayan’s industry leading solutions, service providers and IT organizations shall be in complete command and control over these networks.

SiMPLuS NMS Product Suite provides integrated platform of service provider and enterprise network operations & management for customer network that will provide full FCAPS capabilities giving a holistic view of the entire network whereas the SiMPLuS Automation Product Suite brings in adaptability, efficiency and speed of execution to various aspects of network operations..

Vegayan was founded by Dr. Girish Saraph, professor at IIT Bombay and his team at the SINE Business Incubator in IIT Bombay. Subsequently, it has moved out and has set its corporate office at Vikhroli, Mumbai. It is registered as a private limited company with the RoC, Mumbai. IIT continues to remain as equity partner in the company and has a strong association.
Corporate Profile
    Future ready people, competencies and solutions
  • Talented engineering team and experienced advisors
  • Innovative patented technology providing competitive edge
  • Unique product vision matching current market needs
  • Visibility into Indian and international markets
  • New market segment with explosive growth opportunity
  • Lean cost structure and fast business adaptability
  • Infrastructure facilities and recognition through IIT
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