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SimpluS Operations

Network operators need to manage large, complex network consisting of network elements spread across geographically diverse locations. The Operations solution from SiMPLuS suite provides a centralized command and control over such wide-spread IP/MPLS network infrastructure. SiMPLuS Operations directly interfaces with the network to give deep visibility into the current setting, properties and status of the network elements along with inventory management.

SiMPLuS Operations captures the fault events at the network level and post validation, the status of network elements is also updated. Only SiMPLuS Operations offers real-time network monitoring and trap-handling capabilities using a direct network interface

SiMPLuS Operations also brings efficient capability for config management including end-to-end service provisioning.

SiMPLuS Operations identifies potential congestion hotspots and enables preventive actions ahead of time. It delivers seamless performance of premium services by ensuring that they receive sufficient network resources and desired service quality.

SiMPLuS Operations speeds root cause determination and service restoration from network faults and service degradations. It offers a unique, multi-level drill-down capability for root-cause and correlation analysis necessary to understand the complexity of IP/MPLS networks.

    Customized solutions for the next gen networks
  • Award winning and Patented algorithms to design MPLS paths for optimal availability, performance and cost
  • First complete solution for managing NextGen networks
  • Powerful control mechanisms, optimizing network capacity and maximizing resiliency
  • Conforming to NextGen multi-layered complex networks
  • Real-time view of network conditions, ensuring delivery of quality performance of multiple services
  • Supports all major NextGen device vendors
  • Full element management capabilities & supports all major next-gen device vendors
  • Seamless config management & provisioning of next-gen services.
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