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Centralized Wireless Net-Ops Management

     SiMPLuS provides an umbrella solution catering to multiple vendors & multiple device types like Cloud controlled SD-LAN & wireless cloud controller, edge switches, firewalls, etc. The solution enables centralized monitoring of WiFi/wired access across geographically dispersed enterprise sites or access service provider network. The sites are identified based on GIS locations and grouped together based on geographic zones or project/ division-wise classification based on customer requirements.

     SiMPLuS provides extensive live dashboards for summarized network information & drill-down, detailed performance insights for network health monitoring and tree-structured topology for live access visibility. The user count and traffic trends can be monitored for capacity and business growth projections. The solution seamlessly integrates data streaming technologies including Google protocol buffer, Kafka, etc. to provide complete visibility in both wireless and wired LAN set-up

    Advanced solutions for the next gen networks
  • Carrier-grade NMS/Ops solutions with extensive network O&M capabilities
  • Large deployments in tier-1 service providers and network operators
  • Multi-domain & multi-technology solution with full FCAPS functionalities
  • Real-time operations capabilities for handling large, diverse & complex networks
  • Modular architecture to deliver specific set of functionalities & cross-navigation
  • Structured network information base for correlations & network intelligence
  • User-friendly graphics & UI, dashboards and drill-down capabilities
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