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Umbrella NMS : Managed Services by Telco

     SiMPLuS Enterprise Edge Management solution is a centralized command & control platform with end-to-end visibility, well-customized fault management & co-relations and proactive monitoring of performance degradation for enterprise customers and their L2/L3 VPN & services. SiMPLuS provides a sophisticated platform for fast provisioning of new customers and reduced resolution time with fast tracking of configuration issues along with auto-ticket generation & customer web self-care portal.

     The Web self-care portal enables customer with detailed insight of each site with service quality, bandwidth usage, bandwidth on demand and bandwidth upgrade on real-time basis. Solution monitors the service quality of various websites parameters including page load time, look-up time for top websites.

    Advanced solutions for the next gen networks
  • Carrier-grade NMS/Ops solutions with extensive network O&M capabilities
  • Large deployments in tier-1 service providers and network operators
  • Multi-domain & multi-technology solution with full FCAPS functionalities
  • Real-time operations capabilities for handling large, diverse & complex networks
  • Modular architecture to deliver specific set of functionalities & cross-navigation
  • Structured network information base for correlations & network intelligence
  • User-friendly graphics & UI, dashboards and drill-down capabilities
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