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Vegayan Systems "Re-engineering The Network"

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Converged networks are the wave of the future—in fact, they’re being implemented right now! Multi-Protocol Label-Switching networks offer tremendous cost benefits, to both service providers and subscribers. Traffic engineering is a basic requirement for converged, next-generation networks, and Vegayan Systems’ work in this field is helping bring next-gen networks to us quicker.

For more details go to i.t. magazine (EFY Group) website

Download article : Vegayan Systems “Re-engineering The Network” by Nilesh Kakade

Success and Happiness – Dr. Hiru Bijlani

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Last week Dr. Hiru Bijlani conducted workshop for Vegayan team on “Roadmap for Success and Happiness”. Dr. Hiru has a distinguished career as management consultant and trainer. He has authored many books related to the above subject matter.

It was not a typical lecture (“gyan”) from the management “guru” as, it involved high level of participation from our team members.


Things I liked in this workshop are:

1) We set out company goals and saw how each individual would play role in achieving it.
2) We talked about things that apply to our day-to-day activities related to work situation, relationship, health etc.
3) Everyone was encouraged to make affirmations which helps in bringing focus and building self-esteem.

There is lot more than this but, for those details go to Dr. Hiru website at

– Amit