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Success and Happiness – Dr. Hiru Bijlani

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Last week Dr. Hiru Bijlani conducted workshop for Vegayan team on “Roadmap for Success and Happiness”. Dr. Hiru has a distinguished career as management consultant and trainer. He has authored many books related to the above subject matter.

It was not a typical lecture (“gyan”) from the management “guru” as, it involved high level of participation from our team members.


Things I liked in this workshop are:

1) We set out company goals and saw how each individual would play role in achieving it.
2) We talked about things that apply to our day-to-day activities related to work situation, relationship, health etc.
3) Everyone was encouraged to make affirmations which helps in bringing focus and building self-esteem.

There is lot more than this but, for those details go to Dr. Hiru website at

– Amit

Snippets from Workshop at Reliance

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

We visited Reliance Tech Innovation center at DAKC Campus for a workshop. I have been at the campus before, however this time I also visited their lab testing facilities. What a testing facility ? Mind-blowing !. Believe me it’s one sight , array of servers, routers, switches all stacked up and cabled. Definitely at par with the best of best by global standards.

The workshop was given by Dr. Saraph, it covered Enabling QoS and Operational challenges for MPLS networks.


We had interesting exchange of ideas and information. For me technical discussions post workshop were more informative mainly because of it’s one to one nature. We definitely gained more insight into how things works at NOC, as they addressed our specific queries. I thank the folks at Reliance for this opportunity and their hospitality.