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It’s Christmas time!!

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Christmas is a big festival of joy and happiness. Truly, it turned out to be a joyous celebration at Vegayan too.

The office was decorated with a beautifully lit Christmas Tree and a crib by it’s side representing the scene of the birth of Jesus. Everyone came dressed up in Christmas colors – Red, Green and White.

DSC_0504 IMAG8507







Apart from the lively Christmas decorations, a collage making competition was organized. Nobody showed reluctance in exploring their creative sides and in the end the masterpieces depicted a range of topics from showing environmental issues to living healthy.


One of our staff members came dressed up as a Santa. No, he didn’t land his sleigh straight from North Pole, though the office is quite on top nor did he roll down unseen from the chimney. Yet our office was teeming with thanks to our respective secret Santa who gave us the chance to live our childhood fantasy and receive a gift on Christmas, straight from the Santa.


The day came to an end with some tasty delicacies and mouth-watering cake. The Christmas spirit in the air and the active participation by everyone at Vegayan made Christmas truly special and a one to remember for a long long time!

Lights, Colors aaannd… Diwali!

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

At Vegayan, we have a lively and energetic company culture that celebrates festivals and traditions from across India. This October, we celebrated the festival of lights…Diwali.
In the spirit of Diwali and culture, we were all dressed in traditional outfits. The office was decorated with beautiful diyas and colorful lanterns.


To make the celebrations interesting, individual and group activities/competitions were arranged. We started the festivities by decorating our workstations in Diwali theme. Every Vegayan family member unveiled their creative side and put in their best efforts to bag the first prize.


The day advanced to mark the beginning of rangoli and lantern making competition. All the teams competed with each other in festival spirit and brought forth beautiful rangoli designs along-with amazingly crafted lanterns. The winners were awarded with gifts.

rangoli (Small) lanterns

The celebrations ended with us enjoying great Diwali delicacies and sweets. The atmosphere was so full of life and energy. Team work and joint efforts by all members made us enjoy every fragment of Diwali celebration.

Weekend à la Karjat

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” Oh, that couldn’t be truer. To say that the past few months were gruelling would be an understatement. Everyone at Vegayan was racing against time to complete this, discuss that, present this, debug that… take a coffee break, run back to your desk, finish coding, write that email, check the task list, stay back, and make sure everything’s running A-okay. So when the weekend trip to Karjat was announced, everyone was pleasantly surprised, relieved and happy!

The day was 26th April. A Saturday. The team reached Mohili Meadows Resort, Karjat at 11:30 am. Set in the heart of Karjat, the resort was luxurious, huge, and tranquil… perfect for the kind of break everyone needed. The team was immediately enamoured by the sprawling pool, and wasted no time unpacking, pulling out their swimming costumes and diving right in! The cool water was a great relief against the hot Mumbai sun and everyone enjoyed thoroughly, some with water volleyball, some with simply swimming and splashing about, and some with their family.

Team Event Karjat
The swimming pool sure worked up an appetite for everyone, and we all left the pool- albeit a little grudgingly- to change and head towards the resort restaurant for lunch. After a delicious meal, the team, happy and full, retired to their rooms for a bit.

The evening held even bigger surprises, with an open bar and an open dance floor- the perfect combination! Everyone let down their hair and danced the night away, only stopping to get a refill, or make the lone call home. After dancing till some pretty late hours, the team quickly finished dinner and headed back to their rooms and flopped into their beds for some much-needed shut-eye.

The next morning, after a quick breakfast, most of the team was geared up for the adventure games (archery, shooting, Burma bridge, flying fox, etc.) that were arranged for the team. Post games, it was back in the pool for everyone…however, the allure of the pool held till the allure of lunch took over! Famished, people climbed out of the pool to change and rush towards the resort banquet hall.


Before long, it was time for us to leave. Oh, the weekend was over. Bags were packed grumpily, last photographs taken in haste, and we were on our way back home- with memories of the fantastic two days spent at Mohili Meadows still fresh in our minds.

Trip to Alibaug

Monday, November 28th, 2011

We had a fun-filled and exciting weekend at Alibaug (12-13 Nov). It was a clubbed visit..firstly it was to attend a colleague’s wedding at Varsoli (Alibaug) and as the wedding venue was such a great weekend getaway for Mumbai people, we planned an overnight stay at one of the renowned resorts (Paradise Resorts, Mandwa).

We started off from Gate way of India to Alibaug through one of the regular ferry services. This is a good and quicker option to reach Alibaug. Travelling by ferry was awesome; on the way to Mandwa we could see lots of ships, speed boats and birds.

After reaching Mandwa jetty, we reached Alibaug to attend our colleague wedding at Parnakuti Resort, Varsoli village. The whole team enjoyed at the wedding and had a sumptuous lunch there. After greeting the blessed couple, we left for the other exciting part of our weekend fun.

On reaching the resort and after a small rest, we were all ready for fun in the swimming pool. After a long session in the pool, we were offered evening snacks. In the evening, we had lot of fun in team activities. Next came the dinner which was also quite filling.

Next morning, we all got up early to dive in the pool again along with some games in the pool itself (Nobody actually wanted to get out of the pool!!!). We also explored the places around the resort especially the river side. After having lunch and some rest, we started off for Mandawa jetty to catch a return ferry in the evening. The return journey was equivalently exciting.

We reached Colaba in an hour and along with the journey we took along beautiful memories of the weekend trip with the team.

It was one of the best times that we had with our group in Alibaug. I am sure no one would disagree. Hope we plan such exciting trip soon!!!

Kelva…The king of good times for Vegayanites!!!

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Nothing like Anything… goes the tagline of the popular mobile brand Micromax and that perhaps also describes the energy packed and fun-filled weekend Team Vegayan had at Kelva beach Resort .

The resort, situated near Palghar, is on the beautiful, long and almost untouched beach of Kelva. The first look was impressive and it grew with time. With the rustic look all around, we had plenty of fun there. We stayed in nicely thatched bamboo huts.

In no time we all jumped in the swimming pool. With trees all around the pool it was a perfect treat.  We had a long and great session of water polo match. And that was just the beginning of fun. After having lunch we tried our hands on Pool Table, Table Tennis, Carom boards and what not. Soon it was followed by cricket and a football match on the beach (Yeah I know…we never stop when it comes to having fun!!!). The winning captain got some prizes which we all mistaken it for chocolates.

After all the tiring games, in the evening, we finally settled down on Antakshari, which turned out to be very entertaining and fun. The place was lovely at night.

Next day we started early. With few cups of tea, we were ready again to dive in the pool. After having breakfast, we had group photo sessions.

With our refreshed mind and exhausted body, we checked out to return to Mumbai for a lazy and relaxing Sunday to rejuvenate our body for a busy week ahead.

Lateral use of Saturday @ Vegayan…..

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Last Saturday, we had a very interesting session on “Lateral Thinking”. This is a problem solving approach christened by Edward de Bono which, as the name suggests, looks for not-so-obvious solutions. If you look around, many of the problems (be it in professional or personal life) have been resolved by implementing these so-called not-so-obvious solutions. For eg. The lassi-maker in Punjab who thought of using a washing machine to churn out lassis at a pace that could catch-up with the ever-increasing demand at his stall; would not have obviously thought of using a washing machine to prepare lassis at the first instance….!!!

So coming back to our session, we selected few objects which apart from their regular use, could be laterally used for something substantial in our day-to-day life. There were very creative and at times funny usage ideas from the Vegayan team which was divided in two groups for this exercise. This lateral thinking exercise was very much enjoyed and appreciated by the team.

After this exciting session, we went for a team lunch at a nearby restaurant to nourish our brains which were exhausted after flushing out so many ideas laterally..!!!

Exciting Excursion @ Exotica

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

This time the venue for our day-long excursion was none other than the exotic Exotica– a resort with a tropical ambiance at Yeor Hills (part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park) near Thane. It is a very nice place to relax and enjoy with family and friends. We reached Exotica around 10 am on Saturday. After a wholesome breakfast, we were charged up for a great day ahead. There was no stopping for us…volleyball, badminton, swimming. We also enjoyed a fun competition organized specially for couples. We could not resist taking a dip in the swimming pool and that too in this May summer. We had long swimming session along with a water polo game. The team was now ready for a great lunch. We all cherished the multi-cuisine lunch in the tropical settings of Exotica. After lunch, we chatted, explored the natural beauty around the resort, with few of us capturing pictures as a memory which we would cherish for a long time. Everyone enjoyed as a team. Finally it was time to leave and head back with a recharged mind and body!!!