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Our Point of View

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Vegayan has received decent stream of press coverage since inception. We have benefited and are thankful for it. We want to add few comments to bring our perspective to the recent articles.

SINE’s start-ups going global – Indian Express Nov 10th 2007

Our Take: For Vegayan the immediate and foremost goal is to have a good footing in the Indian Market first. Going global is the next logical step.

Indian start-ups find angel funding elusive – Mint Dec 4th, 2007

Our take: We certainly sympathize with the grand scheme of raising awareness about the startup plight in India as brought out by this article. However, we do not consider ourselves among the struggling bunch who are hitting the wall. Just to clarify few points in the article:

1) We started in late Nov 2005 and not 2003. Where as, in 2003 Dr. Saraph filed for US Patent on our routing technology and received patent grant in June, 2007.

2) We are well past angel rounds of $50-$75k (Rs. 20-30 lacs) . We won the TiE-DFJ India Venture Challenge in Feb, 2006 and received $75k in seed funding as award. We also won TiE-Canaan Entrepreneurship Challenge in Dec, 2006. Recently, we raised a significant chunk from our angel round (from Rakesh Mathur). The next stop is only going to be bigger and better.

3) Currently, our priority is on the customer front and do well in the on-going trials. That should open many promising options for us.


Sunday, October 7th, 2007

The best part about my job is the IITB Campus. Reasons

  • Regular stream of Who’s Who visits. I have spotted Ex. President of India Abdul Kalam, Ray Ozzie
  • Lush green with vihar and powai lake. Once you get into the campus it feels like hogwarts if you ask me,
  • It’s becoming the center of activities that interest me barcamp, opencoffeclubmumbai, seminars etc.

Simply put IITB Campus is Hip and Happening.