Lights, Colors aaannd… Diwali!

At Vegayan, we have a lively and energetic company culture that celebrates festivals and traditions from across India. This October, we celebrated the festival of lights…Diwali.
In the spirit of Diwali and culture, we were all dressed in traditional outfits. The office was decorated with beautiful diyas and colorful lanterns.


To make the celebrations interesting, individual and group activities/competitions were arranged. We started the festivities by decorating our workstations in Diwali theme. Every Vegayan family member unveiled their creative side and put in their best efforts to bag the first prize.


The day advanced to mark the beginning of rangoli and lantern making competition. All the teams competed with each other in festival spirit and brought forth beautiful rangoli designs along-with amazingly crafted lanterns. The winners were awarded with gifts.

rangoli (Small) lanterns

The celebrations ended with us enjoying great Diwali delicacies and sweets. The atmosphere was so full of life and energy. Team work and joint efforts by all members made us enjoy every fragment of Diwali celebration.

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