It’s Christmas time!!

Christmas is a big festival of joy and happiness. Truly, it turned out to be a joyous celebration at Vegayan too.

The office was decorated with a beautifully lit Christmas Tree and a crib by it’s side representing the scene of the birth of Jesus. Everyone came dressed up in Christmas colors – Red, Green and White.

DSC_0504 IMAG8507







Apart from the lively Christmas decorations, a collage making competition was organized. Nobody showed reluctance in exploring their creative sides and in the end the masterpieces depicted a range of topics from showing environmental issues to living healthy.


One of our staff members came dressed up as a Santa. No, he didn’t land his sleigh straight from North Pole, though the office is quite on top nor did he roll down unseen from the chimney. Yet our office was teeming with thanks to our respective secret Santa who gave us the chance to live our childhood fantasy and receive a gift on Christmas, straight from the Santa.


The day came to an end with some tasty delicacies and mouth-watering cake. The Christmas spirit in the air and the active participation by everyone at Vegayan made Christmas truly special and a one to remember for a long long time!

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