Weekend à la Karjat

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” Oh, that couldn’t be truer. To say that the past few months were gruelling would be an understatement. Everyone at Vegayan was racing against time to complete this, discuss that, present this, debug that… take a coffee break, run back to your desk, finish coding, write that email, check the task list, stay back, and make sure everything’s running A-okay. So when the weekend trip to Karjat was announced, everyone was pleasantly surprised, relieved and happy!

The day was 26th April. A Saturday. The team reached Mohili Meadows Resort, Karjat at 11:30 am. Set in the heart of Karjat, the resort was luxurious, huge, and tranquil… perfect for the kind of break everyone needed. The team was immediately enamoured by the sprawling pool, and wasted no time unpacking, pulling out their swimming costumes and diving right in! The cool water was a great relief against the hot Mumbai sun and everyone enjoyed thoroughly, some with water volleyball, some with simply swimming and splashing about, and some with their family.

Team Event Karjat
The swimming pool sure worked up an appetite for everyone, and we all left the pool- albeit a little grudgingly- to change and head towards the resort restaurant for lunch. After a delicious meal, the team, happy and full, retired to their rooms for a bit.

The evening held even bigger surprises, with an open bar and an open dance floor- the perfect combination! Everyone let down their hair and danced the night away, only stopping to get a refill, or make the lone call home. After dancing till some pretty late hours, the team quickly finished dinner and headed back to their rooms and flopped into their beds for some much-needed shut-eye.

The next morning, after a quick breakfast, most of the team was geared up for the adventure games (archery, shooting, Burma bridge, flying fox, etc.) that were arranged for the team. Post games, it was back in the pool for everyone…however, the allure of the pool held till the allure of lunch took over! Famished, people climbed out of the pool to change and rush towards the resort banquet hall.


Before long, it was time for us to leave. Oh, the weekend was over. Bags were packed grumpily, last photographs taken in haste, and we were on our way back home- with memories of the fantastic two days spent at Mohili Meadows still fresh in our minds.

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