Lateral use of Saturday @ Vegayan…..

Last Saturday, we had a very interesting session on “Lateral Thinking”. This is a problem solving approach christened by Edward de Bono which, as the name suggests, looks for not-so-obvious solutions. If you look around, many of the problems (be it in professional or personal life) have been resolved by implementing these so-called not-so-obvious solutions. For eg. The lassi-maker in Punjab who thought of using a washing machine to churn out lassis at a pace that could catch-up with the ever-increasing demand at his stall; would not have obviously thought of using a washing machine to prepare lassis at the first instance….!!!

So coming back to our session, we selected few objects which apart from their regular use, could be laterally used for something substantial in our day-to-day life. There were very creative and at times funny usage ideas from the Vegayan team which was divided in two groups for this exercise. This lateral thinking exercise was very much enjoyed and appreciated by the team.

After this exciting session, we went for a team lunch at a nearby restaurant to nourish our brains which were exhausted after flushing out so many ideas laterally..!!!


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