Why Startup ?

Many of my friends ask me why Did you choose a start up when you have offers from some other MNCs.

I question them what is the advantage of working in a MNC which is not in a start-up. They told me that when you are swicthing from one job to other job, there will be less risk and you need not to advertize about your company, you carry a brand name, if you work in a MNC. My reasoning to them is, Why should I think of swicthing my job before joining in that? If I am not satisfied with the work I am doing or If I am not fit into the team , then only I think of swicthing job. So doing work is my priority, which I certainly get in a start-up. I am not sure whether I’ll be assigned work from Day 1, if I join in a MNC. I am not against working in MNCs, they have their own headaches. Its true that Resource Management is the toughest thing. The reason, I opted for start-up is if I work for some time, then I can get job in MNC at any time. But if join in a MNC and happened to be on bench (or member of Freepool), then it would be tough.

Working in a start-up gives you the next best chance to see how a company shapes up.(Best chance to see is to start a company). Working in a start-up has other advantage, you can watch the building process of a company very closely,you know ups and downs in making it Big. More importantly, every one’s voice is heard in a start-up, so u can raise your voice, you can take part in design discussions, brain storming sessions. This is all happens in MNCs also, but you need to gain some experience, before raising your voice.

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