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SIMPLUS : performnce management & service assurance

Proactive control of overall network health, availability and performance through intuitive web portal and performance dashboards.

  • Enables pro-active network management which aids in averting potential congestion hotspots and service degradations

  • Ensures quality of service for efficient delivery of real-time (voice & video) and premium services

  • Delivers holistic network-wide performance reports and dashboards through user-friendly web portal

  • Provides adaptive & intelligent threshold for real time KPIs monitoring & alerting

  • Supports Multi-Vendor Configurations and technologies which reduces the inherent complexities of a multivendor environment

  • Achieves simplified management of the network elements through a single platform leading to reduction of hardware footprint

    Advanced solutions for the next gen networks
  • Award winning and Patented
  • First complete solution
  • Powerful control mechanisms
  • Conforming to NextGen
  • Real-time view of network
  • Supports all major vendors
  • Full element management
  • Seamless config management
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