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Next-Gen Challenges for telecom service providers

Next generation IP networks offer huge potential, but they bring a host of new challenges to the people tasked with managing them

New requirements: Unlike traditional data, voice and video traffic has strict bandwidth, latency and jitter requirements. Networks must be carefully designed and monitored to ensure they reliably meet these QoS requirements.

More complexity: Next generation IP networks (IP/MPLS/Ethernet networks supporting enterprise, mobile-3G/4G, telecom & video services) are multi-layered, implementing end-to-end services over virtual circuits on top of packet switched networks. Network managers must constantly understand the dynamic conditions of each layer and the interactions between them in order to deliver reliable service.

Powerful configurability: Next generation networks offer managers vastly more control than traditional networks. Determining the optimal configuration to meet availability, performance and cost requirements is an extremely complex undertaking.

NextGen Focus

Unlike other solutions that glue a few NextGen capabilities onto platforms built for older networks, SiMPLuS was built from the ground up to focus on the requirements, complexity and control of NextGen networks

  • Collects in-depth data - Topology, Inventory, Fault, Performance & Configuration of the NextGen network
  • Supports all major NextGen device vendors, including Cisco, Juniper and Huawei
  • Analyzes the specialized interaction of NextGen components to isolate fault and performance issues
  • Displays information in the most useful way for NextGen managers
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art algorithms to optimize network resiliency and cost

Next-Gen Challenges for Enterprise customers

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Case Studies

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    Advanced solutions for the next gen networks
  • Award winning and Patented
  • First complete solution
  • Powerful control mechanisms
  • Conforming to NextGen
  • Real-time view of network
  • Supports all major vendors
  • Full element management
  • Seamless config management
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