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SIMPLUS : config management & service provisioning

Single platform to support configuration, provisioning, policy adherence and access control across multi-vendor networks.

  • Simplifies multi-vendor configuration management and provisioning

  • Eliminates the need for vendor-specific syntax expertise

  • Enables targeted or bulk push of configurations through user-friendly GUIs

  • Helps in eliminating misconfigurations & human errors through vendor specific templates

  • Automates service provisioning process for quicker mass rollouts

  • Identifies anomalies in policy adherence through audit/change tracking

  • Maintains accountability logs with relevant details

    Advanced solutions for the next gen networks
  • Award winning and Patented
  • First complete solution
  • Powerful control mechanisms
  • Conforming to NextGen
  • Real-time view of network
  • Supports all major vendors
  • Full element management
  • Seamless config management
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